April 4 Forecast: Becoming Warmer Through Midweek

After a picture perfect spring weekend, the weather will just keep getting warmer as high pressure will build off the of Carolina coastline. This will bring in the warm air and raise our temperatures into the mid to upper 80s by Wednesday. A cold front will eventually crash the heat wave and bring more seasonable temperatures to the area by late week.


Tonight: Getting cool as the night progresses, clear Low 46

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy Hi 77

Tomorrow Night: Becoming clear overnight Low 55

Tuesday: Very, very warm. Turn your air conditioning on! Hi 83 Low 60

Wednesday: Hot and sunny. Watch for sunburn if your outdoors for more than an hour. Hi 87 Low 66

Another major event going on right now is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. Here is a picture from the festival from this year. I always think of the blooming of the cherry blossom as a sign of spring:

Cherry Blossom Festival 2010

3 thoughts on “April 4 Forecast: Becoming Warmer Through Midweek

  1. Blogmaster Jason,
    UPDATE……… ANY MONTH NOW!!!!!! Well.. u don’t have to but I would suggest it because it’s april 16th and you still have the forecast for 2 weeks ago as your most recent entry. I know you have work to do and so do I so understand, but I expect an update this weekend.

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