Snowy Pattern Just Hasn’t Started Yet… Long Range Looking a Little Promising

Well, it has been a while since I last posted. The weather pattern has really slowed down since our giant rainstorm two weeks ago. Currently, the teleconnections just haven’t been supporting a snowy weather pattern. While many people are concerned that we will have a warm and dry winter, I do not think there is anything to worry about. We have not even started winter (well, the meteorological winter started December 1st, but that’s beside the point) and temperatures have been close to normal for this time of year. We need to be patient about the snow and stay calm. Remember: if you wait, snow will come.

We Want Snow! Well, maybe not THIS much snow...

So, enough of my weather pep talk and back to our current weather. I have been looking in the long-range (around New Years) and there have been signs of a storm affecting our area any time from the 26th-31st. Right now, I am not sure how much cold air will be in place during this time frame and the forecast models have been quite inconsistent with temperatures so far this winter. We will see what happens over the next week!

Stay posted!