Forecast for Feb 8 and Beyond…

Here is the forecast for the next three days of this week (yes it does include the Wednesday storm!!)

Tonight:  Mostly Clear and extremely cold, low 11

Tomorrow: Clear and cold hi 30

Tomorrow Night: Mostly Clear Low 12

Tuesday and Tuesday Night:Becoming mostly cloudy as the day progresses. Chance of snow late at night. Hi 34 Low 25

Wednesday and Wednesday Night: Watch for significant snowstorm. Accumulations of 6 inches +. Hi 31 Low 23

I am going to attempt to make a preliminary snow map for the upcoming storm.

Otherwise enjoy this picture I found of what is being called the North American Blizzard of 2010:


About the Top Header Picture and Three Day Forecast

1. If you visit my blog regularly, you will notice the header picture right below the title changes daily. This header represents what the conditions are for the day. For example, if you see a blue sky with one cloud expect a nice day. If you see a lightning bolt with heavy rain, I would advise you to stay inside.

2. My forecasts are only going to predict the temperature and conditions three days in advance. The exact forecasts will be an average of all the counties covered by Philaburbia.

3. My forecasts will be color coded. Here is a key to my colors:

Pink: 9° or below

Purple: 10° to 19°

Light Blue: 20° to 29°

Blue: 30º to 39°

Green: 40° to 49°

Yellow- Green: 50° – 59°

Yellow- 60° to 69°

Orange- 70° to 79°

Red- 80° to 89°

Black- 90°  and above

Note that all of these temperature reading are measured in Fahrenheit.

Coming later today:  My first forecast and more analysis of the Wednesday storm

First “Real” Post: Aftermath of the Blizzard of 2010

I want to thank anyone who is reading this post right now; you have taken time out of your day to read my prodigious blog.

Now to the weather:

Some huge totals across the Philadelphia Suburbs from this amazing blizzard, here are the leaders as of 5:55 PM:

1. Cherry Hill in Camden County- 27.3″

2. Brookhaven in Delaware Co.- 26.0″

3. Pennsawken in Camden Co.- 25.5″

4. Drexel Hill in Delaware Co.-25.5″

5. Broomall in Delaware Co.- 25.0″

6. Chester Springs in Chester Co. – 24.1″

7.  Caln Twp. in Chester Co. -23.7

8. King of Prussia in Montgomery Co. -23.4″

9.  New London Township in Chester Co. -23.0″

10.  Villanova in Montgomery Co. -22.5

Here is the link to the snowfall total page if anyone is curious:

We will continue later tonight on the upcoming Wednesday storm. I looks to be very promising for any snow lovers out there!

Here is a preview from one of the weather models:

GFS Model from run 18z

What is Philaburbia Weather?

Philaburbia weather is a place where someone  living in the Philadelphia suburbs can look for their weather forecast and analysis.

I am Jason Hirsch and  am a 10th grader at an area high school. Weather to me is a hobbie and a love.

I feel that many TV stations, websites, and blogs focus too much on the city of Philadelphia and not on the areas surrounding the city. I decided a few days ago that I wanted to take a stand and made Philaburbia.

My goal is to make the weather more precise and specific for anyone from Philadelphia on Northward and also have some fun!

These are the counties where I will focus most of my forecasts in: Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset, Camden, and Burlington

I made a quick map to show the visual learner out there: 🙂

The Philaburbia Weather Coverage Area

Thank you for following the Philaburbia weather blog!