Forecast for Feb 9th and Beyond

Hello everyone. Before we get onto the three day forecast, I just want to reflect on the upcoming storm on Wednesday. We are currently under a Winter Storm Warning until midnight Wednesday. I think there could be a Blizzard warning as the day progresses Wednesday.

Here is my analysis:

Right now, there are two pieces of energy (or as common folk call them, storms!) in the midwest. As these two systems propel east by the jet-stream, they will phase together as one super large low pressure system off the New Jersey coast come Wednesday morning. Because of the significant phasing, the “nor-easter” will pretty much stall in the Atlantic for a few hours.

I have an image of what the phasing will look like according to the NAM weather model:

Phasing of the the Two Storms

Now, to the forecast

Tonight: Clear Skies and very cold, Low 14

Tomorrow: Increasing Clouds as the day progresses. Hi 32

Tomorrow Night:  Snow Likely Overnight. Accumulations of 4-6 inches. Low 25

Wednesday: Snow winds down as two systems phase in the morning. Snow picks up heavy in the afternoon. Blizzard conditions possible.  Additional snow accumulations of 6-10 inches. Hi 29

Wednesday Night: Heavy snow in the evening (1 to 2″ per hour rates?), then winding down overnight. Low 20

Thursday & Thursday Night: Clearing out with a partly cloudy sky. Hi 31 Low 17

Preliminary Snow Map for Wednesday Storm

I have made my first snow-map ever on the Philaburbia Weather blog. It is totally opinionated and is based on the latest weather models.

There will be another small update tomorrow afternoon with the forecast.

Here is my  preliminary snow-map. I will have a final one out with exact snowfall predictions probably during Tuesday afternoon:

Thank you all for reading my blog