Updates for the Storm

Last Update 10:00: Hello everyone it’s blog-master Jason here. I’m sorry for no updates for the last 4 hours. Brett still doesn’t have power and my cable went out and I had no internet access for 2-3 hours. Anyway, just guesstimating that I have 18-20 inches at my house. I took my dog outside, who is around 17 inches tall on four paws, and the snow almost covered her whole body. Snow is winding down over Bucks county east. This has been some storm, I have to say that nobody will see anything like we’ve experienced for the last 6 days for a long, long time.

I will have top snowfall totals tomorrow morning with a discussion for the next snowstorm on Monday Night into Tuesday (more like a 4-8 incher this time)

Update 5:15: Hello everyone it’s Blog-Master Jason Hirsch reporting. This storm really has shown all of its true colors in the last few hours. 2-3″ per hour snowfall rates have been plaguing the northern part of the coverage area for a while now. Some bad news from contributor Brett, his transformer near his house exploded when a branch fell from the weight of the snow onto the power lines. He will be out of commission for a little while as he does not have internet (nor power). I have a feeling that this storm isn’t departing for another 4-5 hours, so brace yourself inside and have a nice warm cup of soup. IF you need to go out onto the roads, be weary that it is extremely treacherous out there (Brett was helping a car that was stuck when the tree branch fell onto the power lines). I;m going to leave you now with a few pictures I took this afternoon:

Snow on Trees with Heavy Snow
Total Whiteout:)

3:00 update from Brett’s house:

Moderate to heavy snow continues to fall as wind gusts are on the increase in both frequency and strength. Ridiculous amounts of snow have accumulated on my deck over the past two storms (about 30 inches in some places). This storm, in my humble opinion, deserves “severe” status because of the length and heaviness of the period of snow and the wind strength, causing blizzard or “white-out” conditions. I look forward to keeping you posted on what’s happening in my neck of the woods for the rest of the storm.

Update at 2:30 from blogmaster Jason Hirsch : Just went outside into the blizzard. I actually got blown over by a super-strong wind gust! Snowing heavily now, I have around 10 inches at my house accumulated. The next few hours will be the worst of the storm as the low pressure wraps up and gets cranking out into the Atlantic.

Update: 12:20 PM from blogmaster Jason Hirsch:
Have been waiting for snow for the past few hours now… but still just sleet and freezing rain. I’d say we have few minutes until the precipitation turns to all snow. Then it’s blizzard time from there! Snow will pick up through the aftenoon into the night. Accumulation totals may be a notch lower than we predicted, but most of the area will probably still get a foot after the day is done. Here are some pictures that Brett took from his house, it looks like he has around 7 inches of snow/sleet:
Snow Piling Street
Snow Covered Deck

Another update from Brett’s house as of 8:15 am

Already, it can be seen on the radar that the storm is indeed starting to wrap its moisture around it and intensify. As Jason mentioned above, there is a blizzard warning posted for this afternoon, so, if you look outside and see that it has stopped snowing don’t be encouraged to go out on the roads or discouraged because of the lack of snow…. IT’S COMING!!!! Anyway, as Joe Bastardi always says, “Enjoy the weather, it’s the only weather you got.” Below is a radar shot from 8:30 am.

Jason Hirsch’s Update: 7:30 AM:

Hello everyone, the National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning just like I said a few posts ago. Right now some light snow if falling at my house and my guess is that we have 3-4 inches on the ground already with the worst to come. We are sticking with my snow map which shows 14-20 inches of snow. falling for most of the coverage area. We will have another update at 10:30 AM with some pictures (hopefully and the three day forecast with a little discussion for the upcoming storm on Monday Night). Enjoy the snow, signing out, Jason.

The latest observation from Brett’s house as of 11:00 pm:

It started to snow at a light to moderate clip at around 8:30 here in Lower Bucks. Ever since, it has been a steady, accumulating snow that has stuck to both the grassy surfaces and roadways. According to my best friend and fellow blogger Jason, the heaviest snow will occur tomorrow morning from 10 am to 4 pm. This will likely be the time where you either make it or break it for this storm. Locations that get hit hard by this heavy snow area will be in the higher end of the snowfall range. Anyway, sit back and relax and enjoy the blizzard, that’s all from me for now. Here is a radar image from right now:

Current Radar Image

Tuesday Night 10:55 PM: I’d like to welcome the latest member of the Philaburbia Weather squad, Brett Wiley! He will be a correspondent for the blog and will sporadically put in his input of the weather.. He has been studying the weather with me for many years now and his knowledge about weather is outstanding! Snow is still falling here at my house!

Tuesday night: 8:15

Well, the storm is underway at my house in Bucks County. We have around a coating already on the ground with much more to come. Comment, or send me your observations with the city you’re in, and I’ll post it on the blog!


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  1. Some kid should probably get out there and shovel that deck, don’t you think? Laying around the house all day, bloggin’ and watchin’ television ….

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