The Wrap Up

Well, there are sunny skies at my house right now after the storm blew through the area during the nighttime hours. Sorry I couldn’t update in the middle of the night, I was sleeping. The storm is starting to dissipate as the dry air is starting to break up the precipitation The NWS service nonetheless extended the WINTER STORM WARNING until 5:00 PM because some of the snow showers will be heavy and localized.Overall I think I did pretty well with my snow predictions for the northern areas. For the southern areas however, the storm was a bust as the low went further north as expected, therefore bringing its precipitation north.

Hopefully this will be the last storm of the season because I’m kind of getting tired of the stress before every huge blizzard that comes through the area. There is a chance of another storm Wednesday into Thursday and it is looking pretty good for 5-10 inches of snow. Right now it is pretty far out, so you never know what will happen (hopefully something light).

Top 10 Snow totals coming later and maybe pictures

Anyway here is a satillite image of the snowicane as its being called:

Late February Snowicane

2 thoughts on “The Wrap Up

  1. 2 words for this storm: EPIC FAIL. For all the hype it got and how strong it got, it did NOTHING. The sun was breaking through the clouds by 11:30 here in Newtown when it was not supposed to do so all day. On the NWS report, it says that Newtown got 19.5 inches. There’s one of three possiblities (or all three): The person who took the measurements was high, he took the measurement in a snow pile made by a snow plow, or they got the wrong Newtown. What a finale to an impressive winter! NOT. That’s it, my ranting is done.

    • The 19.5 inches was Newtown in Middlesex county NJ. I think Newtown probably got 10. By the way, this isn’t the last storm we’re having this year. I have a good feeling another one will hit Wednesday!

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