Updates During the Storm

10:30 Update from Jason: STORM REALLY WRAPPING UP! 973 mb pressure at the eye of the storm. CAT 2 HURRICANE pressure! NYC is seeing extremely heavy snow and all that will mostly likely head to the area overnight. The low will stall out over North Jersey so expect a few hours of blizzard conditions (1-2″ per hour rates, 30+ mph winds) for a few hours in the morning! I am really not sure about how much snow is going to fall, but its looking pretty good according to the radar! My house is literally shaking from the winds as I am under an extremely heavy snowband right now. Expect these snowbands to keep moving through the area until tomorrow noon. Otherwise have a restful night, I know I won’t!!!

8:30 Pm Update from Jason: Winds are finally starting to howl and the snow is starting to stick on paved surfaces. The storm is about to turn westward and give us the worst of the storm overnight. Overall, the snow totals may be a little lower than I thought, but this storm is still a monster and will do  a lot of damage to the area. I am guessing most schools will be closed tomorrow, but as of now most aren’t. I will have the forecast for the coming days later tonight.

The snow is still very wet, so making snowmen will be no problem unlike the last few storms where the snow was extremely dry! Hopefully you’ll be able to make one this size:

Tallest Snowman in the World

3:30 update from Jason: Snow is definitely falling at a faster pace at my home in Bucks County. It looks like the lull of precipitation is starting to dissipate and the heavy snows starting to reform again. My snow totals may be a little off for the southern areas because of the sharp cutoff of snow so far from this storm. I still think anyone Philly northward is going to get 10 inches or more…. Blizzard conditions will occur tonight with tropical storm force winds. There will be some pictures from Brett’s house later on this afternoon. If you have any questions, just ask.

Update 12:15 Pm from Jason:

The snow is falling at a nice pace here in Princeton. Not much wind so far, but they will kick up later today, reflective of the NWS issuence of a Wind advisory. So far the snow has been very wet and hasn’t been sticking to many roads. This will change as the storm will wind itself up west and bring in the cold air from Canada. Right now the Jackpot zones in the Philaburbia Coverage area look to be Mercer and Hunterton counties as they will be the closest to the storm.

Expect a lull in the precip this afternoon in areas South, which could lower their snow totals a bit. There will be another update in a few hours with some pictures and snow totals

Brett and I will be providing updates during the storm to keep you informed of whats happening around the area. Also refer to this current radar image for reference during the Snowicane:

Continueously Updating Animated Radar

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